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Pichincha Show´s 2018-19

Upcoming Events

  • IGES Show: November 3-7 2018.

  • Grand Strand Myrtle Beach: December 2-5 2018.

  • Surf Expo in Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, Fl: January 10-12 2019.

  • G&LW in Lakeland, FL: January 11-13 2019.

  • ASD Market Week in Las Vegas Convention Center: March 17- 20 2019.

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Pichincha, which is located in the heart of the Andes is the name of an active stratovolcano in Ecuador. Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, wraps around the eastern slopes of this magnificent volcano. Our company, “Pichincha Spirit of Nature, Inc.” (Pronounced PEE CHEEN CHA), brings the spirit, mysteries, and essence of the region to you through its many beautiful artisan made crafts and handmade jewelry.
We started as a small mom and pop business, as many do, selling at the local flea market. By coincidence, we saw a similar product to ours at a major attraction in Florida and were fortunate enough to persuade the buyer to try our products. That’s how we became a part of the wholesale market family. He asked us if we were going to do the local wholesale gift show. We had no idea what that was, but we were willing to try. So upon…

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